President’s Message


Dear BOAT members:

The Building Officials Association of Texas (BOAT) is dedicated to enhancing the professionalism of its members, advancing the standards of the building industry, and leading in the resolution of public policy issues.

BOAT was organized to unite with other departments of Texas municipalities and the Texas Municipal League in order to bring together and achieve a more efficient and knowledgeable understanding of local government. We do this in a variety of ways and as part of our mission:

  • Raise standards for uniform and efficient administration and enforcement of model building codes and related ordinances.
  • Foster better public relations, in order to secure safe structures and buildings for the public safety and protection of life, health, and property.
    In line with this objective, BOAT partnered with the Target Corporation to develop an expedited plan review and permitting process for Texas jurisdictions.  Read this article for more information on how BOAT and Target worked together.
  • Provide training and continuing education opportunities sponsored by BOAT, state agencies, and model code groups.
  • Encourage certifications in order to achieve a high level of code enforcement universally throughout the state.
  • Administer a post disaster damage assessment program to assist devastated areas by providing rapid safety evaluations of damaged structures.

Please know that each board member you elected is committed to providing sound leadership and fulfilling the duties as prescribed within our by-laws.

On behalf of the entire board, we encourage members to participate and be actively engaged in BOAT.  Like those who blazed the trails before us, it is the board’s desire to continue growing the membership, strengthening the association, and working in unity to bring the building profession to the forefront.

Please do not hesitate to call upon any of us, for we are here to serve you.


Jeffrey Widmer
President, BOAT
Chief Building Official, City of Rockwall


View the Texas Building Safety Month video with contributions from BOAT members.


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