Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Building Officials Association of Texas is dedicated to enhancing the professionalism of its members, advancing the standards of the building industry, and leading in the resolution of public policy issues.

BOAT is an affiliate organization of the Texas Municipal League (TML), which represents some 98 percent of Texas’ urban population through its 1,090-plus member cities and towns. Organized in 1913 as an informal association of 14 cities, TML today is a progressive, non-profit organization offering a wide variety of services to Texas cities.

As partners, TML and BOAT offer the best in representation and assistance to cities and their respective colleagues.

The Building Officials Association of Texas (BOAT) was organized to unite with other departments of Texas municipalities and the Texas Municipal League in order to bring together and achieve a more efficient and knowledgeable understanding of local government.

To date, BOAT continues to meet the needs, concerns, and problems of its members in a variety of ways.


to establish higher standards of uniformity and efficiency in administering and enforcing model building codes and related ordinances. To create a more practical knowledge of modern building materials and technology.

Public Relations

to create and establish better public relations and understanding at the local level of the inspection department with the citizens of their community, in order to secure safe structures and buildings for the public safety and protection of life, health, and property.


To encourage all inspectors of Building Inspection Departments to attend and participate in all training schools and educational programs sponsored by BOAT, state agencies, and model code groups.


To encourage all inspectors to become certified in order to achieve a high level of code enforcement universally throughout the state.

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