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We Need To Discuss This Information With Our Kids and Grandkids Annually: POOL SAFETY

The following information is from PoolSafety.gov

Backyard and community pools are popular with children and adults of all ages, but owning or operating one is a major responsibility. Take every step possible to prevent unintended injuries in and around pools and spas.

Learn about the hazard of drain entrapment and what to look for at pools and spas your family frequents. Children aged five to nine years old have the highest frequency of entrapment reports.

Safety Tips

Supervise children at all times around pools and spas. Adults should keep a constant eye on all kids in the water. Emphasize the need for constant supervision to babysitters.

Install a four-sided barrier, such as a fence with self-closing gates completely surrounding the pool. If the house forms the fourth side of the barrier, install alarms on doors leading to the pool area to prevent children from wandering into the pool or spa. Also install safety covers and perimeter or in-water alarms as additional layers of protection.

Learn to swim and teach your children to swim. Many organizations provide swimming lessons.

Know how to respond:

  • Get training in basic water rescue skills, first aid, and CPR
  • Have rescue and first aid equipment available at the pool
  • Keep a phone at the pool

We must continually emphasize the importance of safety with our kids and their friends and families. We all know that it only takes a split second for a life changing or altering event to take place.

We must be reminded of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act as well.

States and Local Entities and the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act (P&SS Act)

The P&SS Act was written so the federal requirements outlined in the law would serve as a minimum standard. States and counties are permitted to be more restrictive as long as such restriction does not hinder the intent of the P&SS Act or make complying with the federal requirements difficult or impossible.

For example, drain disablement is one of five options for a secondary anti-entrapment system, though states are permitted to limit these options or even specify which of the options listed under Section 1404(c)(1)(A)(ii)(I)-(VI) of the P&SS Act are permissible.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is looking to states and counties, including state and local health departments, to assist with the enforcement of the P&SS Act. Both the CPSC and state attorneys general are empowered to enforce the P&SS Act, and by working together, bringing pools and spas into compliance will be more efficient and successful.

Information and Education Program

CPSC staff are using recently appropriated funds to expand ongoing information and education programs to work with interested stakeholders at the state and local level and drowning prevention organizations.

For More Information:

I encourage and challenge all departments to require that residential pools follow the same guidelines that are required by commercial pools and spas. Provide the information to the homeowners and add the requirements to your final inspection and back door alarm specifications. Everything we do is to save the lives of others. Let us be the voice of the children.

Kurt Kasson, Chief Building Official, City of Allen, BOAT Board of Directors

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