Consider BOAT

When I think about the Building Officials Association of Texas (BOAT), I am thankful that I became part of the organization. BOAT is filled with qualified men and women who are willing to help answer any question you have. It has members who are active in the International Code Council (ICC), and members who are involved in the Texas Municipal League which has a watchful eye on Austin and state lawmakers. It has members with many years of experience in the enforcement of codes. It has a disaster response team of dedicated officials who are ready and willing to assist any city or area in the event of a disaster.

BOAT is also involved in the Building Professional Institute (BPI), which currently offers training in Houston, Irving, Austin, and Brownsville. BPI offers many classes that provide continuing education units (CEUs) and the ability to test for ICC certifications.

With an eye on the future, an internship program was recently created. Its purpose is to encourage young people to consider the field of inspections as a career.

BOAT held its 2017 Annual Conference in Rockwall, Texas. There were concurrent sessions geared specifically for the enforcement of codes. There was a whole section dedicated to management and legal issues.

I found it interesting that we had attendees who were not inspectors, but private contractors. I spoke with one individual who was overwhelmed by the information presented. He said, “I’m so glad that I was talked into attending. I never realized how much a person could learn at an event such as this.” This speaks volumes.

The coming year will be very eventful for all who are involved in BOAT. I am looking forward to this year’s conference in Amarillo, as well as the BPIs.

Let me close by saying my life has been enhanced by being a BOAT member. It is a group of men and women who offer common ground and stand with welcoming arms to lend assistance and support. So, consider BOAT.

E. G. Barnhill, CBO, Building Official, City of Cleveland

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